For a Healthier Workplace

Reduce Workplace Illness

Most janitorial services clean facilities for appearance only ("if it looks clean, then it must be clean"). This mentality can be harmful to the health of your customers and employees. 

Instituting green technology such as steam cleaning (chemical-less ultra-hot vapor) can clean and sanitize areas removing up to 100% of bacteria on virtually any surface. 

Work related illness and allergies can affect productivity and morale. The EPA endorses green cleaning chemicals in workplaces as they can reduce the risk of asthma and other respiratory disorders. 

Simple Solutions

An example that is a simple, yet effective, tool that Forte utilizes is the dual-reservoir mop bucket system. 

Traditional mop buckets become dirt and bacteria-filled, the moment the mop is returned to the bucket. Traditional mopping, in essence, redistributes dirt and bacteria across the floor. The floor may appear clean, but this approach darkens tile grout and does not effectively remove bacteria. 

Conversely, a dual-bucket reservoir allows a cleaner to consistently use clean water and chemical when mopping. The use of microfiber mops, coupled with this technology is proven to remove up to 99% of bacteria, and your tile and grout are better protected