Make Your Floors Shine

At Forte, we know that professional floor cleaning is a huge part of building upkeep. Proper maintenance of hard floors is essential to protect your investment; it not only makes daily cleaning easier, but also beautifies and prolongs the life of any type of hard flooring.

Our teams can suggest and employ the proper techniques to rescue and restore a range of flooring, from unsealed concrete to glazed ceramic tile, rare sandstone to vinyl tile. Certain types of flooring, such as VCT, hardwood, and unsealed concrete benefit from periodic buffing, which protects and enhances shine.

Protect, Maintain, Enjoy

Forte's professional floor cleaning teams can help you save money by scheduling scrub & recoat, or polishing, in the interims between bi-yearly or yearly strip and wax service.

The scrub & recoat is a scaled-down version of the strip and wax, wherein the floor is machine-scrubbed with a neutral floor cleaner, rinsed, and then finished with a coat or two of high-quality wax and buffed until it shines.

This service renews the gloss and protects the floor. Another method used on highly waxed floors is again to scrub the floor, then employ a different machine which, in effect heats the wax present on the floor and re-distributes it evenly, restoring shine and protection.

To ensure the finished product lasts as long as possible, we will always make suggestions as to the best ways to care for your flooring. Many cleaning products can degrade wax or other sacrificial sealants on hard floor surfaces.

If Forte has been entrusted not only the periodic maintenance, but also the daily cleaning of your property, you can be assured your floors will be ready for business at all times.


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