You are not a Janitor

The first thing you should understand is that although you will need to understand and become educated about the commercial cleaning industry, you actually will not be providing cleaning services. Your Unit Franchisees will be providing these services to commercial customers with your support and guidance. In general, your day will be during normal business hours of 9am - 5pm, and your Unit Franchisees hours will be from 5pm - 11pm (some facilities like restaurants and retail outlets will have mean Unit Franchisees are performing/supervising their employees services later in the evening, say more like 11pm - 6am).



A Master Franchisee's job can be summed up in one sentence. A Master Franchise Owner sells and supports their Unit Franchisees. That's it. Let's talk a little bit about what that means.



Let's go through both selling and supporting separately below.


A Unit Franchisee is going to buy a franchise from you because they believe that you are going to take care of them. They believe that you are going to make good on your agreement to offer them business within the time period specified in the franchise agreement. They have dreams just like you. Their dreams may be to own a nice truck, or to work in the evenings so that they can be at home during the day with young children while their spouse goes to work. They typically view their Unit Franchise as a conduit through which they can obtain and receive a better income or lifestyle than they currently have. So as a Master Franchise, it's important to recognize that you are an important step for them towards improving their lives. You should view the Unit Franchisee fee that you receive as an important stewardship that you have been given from the Franchise Owner.



There are many ways in which you will support a Unit Franchise. You will get calls from their customers about cleaning issues occasionally. And it is your job to teach and coach the Unit Franchise so that they can learn how to appropriately handle and resolve their customer's issues. You will also be actively selling and obtaining commercial accounts for Franchise Owners to service on a regular basis. After you obtain those accounts, you will then work with the Franchise Owner and the customer to ensure that promises are kept, and that the communication between them is reliable and consistent. So their is a great deal of mentorship and guidance that the Unit Franchises will need from their Master Franchisee/or the Master's employees.



Although already alluded to in the above paragraph, the sales and marketing efforts for the Unit Franchises is a key part of what a Master Franchise does. This means that you/your staff will respond to prospective customer inquires over the phone or on the internet. You will physically walk buildings and produce competitive bids using our system. After the commercial account is procured by you, you will then help facilitate a strong working relationship of trust between the Franchise Owner and the commercial customer so that you will have the customer for years and years to come.

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