On the Cutting Edge

Many companies claim to be "Green Cleaners", but do nothing more than claim it. Forte Commercial Cleaning provides in-depth training of green practices to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of green technology.

The proper use of chemicals and the implementation of “green” equipment and technology are taught regularly to Forte Commercial Cleaning crews. 

Crews are trained to be on the look-out for ways in which they can reduce the “carbon footprint” of the buildings they clean. As more and more are becoming LEED Certified, Forte Commercial Cleaning is on the forefront of training for and providing “green” services.

It is stipulated for existing LEED Certified buildings that program participants should use sustainable cleaning materials, products, equipment, paper products and trash liners. 

While the onus of certification falls on building owners and managers, the crews of Forte Commercial Cleaning are ready and able to help companies achieve and remain certified.


Check out the resources list we have created if you'd like more information on green cleaning.

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