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Be Aware of What Your Patrons See

If you are a theater owner or manager, you are well aware of how difficult it is to keep your movie theater cleaning up to your patrons’ expectations.

Try as they might, employee “spot cleaning” between shows usually leaves something to be desired. Without a proper deep cleaning each night, movie theaters begin to have a dirty smell and feel that can lose recurring business for your company.

From the moment they walk through your doors, patrons can see how effective your movie theater cleaning is:

  • Is the lobby clean, inviting, and free of trash and debris?
  • In your game areas, are the games devoid of dust and grime build-up?
  • Are your bathrooms clean, the chrome fittings and fixtures polished to a shine, and the air free of bad odors?
  • Do your patrons feel a sense of value when the find their seat or are they stepping on sticky spills, gum and someone else's trash?

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

At Forte Commercial Cleaning, we pride ourselves in detailed movie theater cleaning.

Our services incorporate your theater cleaning specifications, the latest in theater cleaning technology, and quality control measures to ensure that your theaters and facilities get a thorough clean every time.

We pay special attention to build-up on theater floors and food and trash accumulations under theater seating. We can provide nightly spot cleaning of theater seating upholstery.

We can also provide porter movie theater cleaning support services throughout the day to assist your staff. You can be sure the bathrooms are sparkling and the theaters are effectively spot cleaned to provide the best patron experience.

Forte's unique approach provides well-trained individuals for between-show movie theater cleanings, allowing your staff to focus on customer service.

Movie Theater Cleaning Services

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