Promote Comfort, Protect Health

Forte teams are fully aware that the very nature of healthcare and medical facilities calls for the utmost attention to detail. Hospital cleaning cannot be taken lightly.

Our goal is aligned with yours: That patients and their families are made as comfortable as possible.

We know that patients can have long, tense waiting periods in both common areas and in consulting rooms. We keep those areas spotless.

Additionally, in clinical environments, the risk of exposure to viral infections and harmful bacteria is heightened.

This is where Forte's hospital cleaning shines. Our dedicated teams clean and disinfect every surface, not just those with visible dirt. A full disinfection of all common area touchpoints is performed each and every time we clean.

We work tirelessly to protect the health of the facility’s patients and staff.

Reduce the Spread of Harmful Bacteria

Among our hospital cleaning services, we also offer the option of a mechanized cleaning and disinfecting system in clinic restrooms.

This no-touch system allows our teams to clean much more thoroughly without touching surfaces that may be home to potentially harmful bacteria.

This meticulous clean is effected through the application of efficient chemicals via strong water pressure, removal with vacuum, and drying of all surfaces with blowers.

Monitor and Improve

Our attention to detail includes frequent Operations inspections, employing technology to highlight areas for improvement.

To ensure the thoroughness of our hospital cleaning, we use ATP meters, which measure the level of adenine triphosphate, which feeds both good and bad cells. The lower the level of ATP found on a surface, the more difficult it is for bacteria to survive.

In addition, we mark surfaces with invisible pen marks which fluoresce under black light but disappear once disinfected. These allow us to meet our goal: making your clinic or hospital a clean zone.


Read through some of our customer references. If you like what you see, we hope that you will allow us the opportunity to provide a proposal for your facility.