Not all offices are created equal and the daily office cleaning expectations are different for each customer.


Also, depending upon a customer’s HVAC system and the number of papers processed each day, the amount of dust that accumulates can vary widely.

Some offices have granite, some have vinyl, and other have wood. Each of these surfaces requires a slightly different treatment and level of care.

Forte Commercial Cleaning is well-equipped to deal with the unique daily cleaning needs of your office.


There is one thing that seems to be universal about banks: the teller windows will always be smudged and fingerprinted, and dirty!

Plus, there are the tall people who put their hands on the top counter and the small people who can't keep track of their bank-issued lollipops. Many a sticky lollipop have we found on the chairs, the floors, the waiting-area couches, and other unexpected place.

Another frequently neglected spot is the private and semi-private offices of the non-teller staff. In most banks, especially those remodeled in the last 5-7 years, the offices have a transparent glass interface with the general lobby area, rather than opaque walls.

And yet, too often, the glass goes uncleaned in the course of daily office cleaning.

Forte Commercial Cleaning knows all this. We make a point, not only of general excellence, but of catering to the individual needs of each client.

Multi-Tenant Office Buildings

Multi-tenant office buildings are a unique daily cleaning customer segment.

In most cases the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) is paid by each tenant and then pooled by a property management company. The property management company employs building maintenance and janitorial services to handle the day-to-day engineering and office cleaning needs of the building.

But Forte Commercial Cleaning understands that even though the check comes from one centralized entity, we still have a duty to work well with each individual tenant.

Some tenants are very picky, others are not. Some tenants want x-y-z done to exact specifications in their daily office cleaning, and others care more a-b-c.

It takes good management to balance the individual needs of the tenant with the confines of the budget and the general cleaning schedule contracted between the janitorial services company and the property manager.

Fortunately, Forte Commercial Cleaning is up to the task.


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