Keep Any Floor Looking Like New

At Forte, we know that proper maintenance of hard floors is essential to protect your investment. Not only do services like steam cleaning your grout make daily cleaning easier, but they also beautify and prolong the life of any type of hard flooring.

Our teams can suggest and employ the proper techniques to rescue and restore a range of flooring: from unsealed concrete to glazed ceramic tile, rare sandstone to vinyl tile.

For instance, it is common to see discolored, stained, or even grime-filled grout lines on tile floors, such as those in restrooms or kitchens. The root of this problem can be inconsistent daily cleaning, and a lack of periodic deep cleaning. By employing specialized chemicals and machines or steam cleaning your grout, we can restore the grout and tile to its original look, and even seal it to avoid future discoloration. Forte teams work regularly on such surfaces and to great success.

To ensure the finished product lasts as long as possible, we can suggest the best ways to care for your flooring. Many cleaning products can damage wax or other sealants on hard floor surfaces.

If Forte has been entrusted with not only the periodic maintenance, but also the daily cleaning of your property, we will employ techniques which keep your floors looking great.


We are available to clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact one of our locations today!

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